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Helpful information for vacationers that have never rented a vacation home before.
Frequently asked questions for renting vacation homes. 
There are some pros and cons for vacation rentals, however the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Home Owner Resources

Frequently asked questions for vacation home owners interested in renting their properties.
Be aware of vacation rental scams targeted at vacation home owners. 
This document should be used only as a model.  You will need to customize it for your particular property.

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What's New

  • Ibiza Accommodations

    Finding the perfect accommodation in Ibiza can be a hassle but does not have to be too be difficult. There is a wide choice of hotels, apartments and villas. First, you will need to determine what type of vacation you have in mind. Lots of entertainment, rest, with children or perhaps a combination. Many hotels and apartment complexes are located in...
    Posted to Ibiza (Weblog) by sean roden on 04-19-2014
  • Aldeamar

    The Aldeamar apartment can be booked from June to October , situated in S'Argamassa, an area in Santa Eulalia. This area is fantastic for families, quiet and peaceful without the presence of nightlife. The complex has a beautiful garden with private pool, a separate children's pool and a tennis court. Perfect at a few minutes walk from the unspoiled...
    Posted to Ibiza (Weblog) by sean roden on 04-19-2014
  • Re: Anyone buy land and then build cabins?

    I think before going for any business plan, consult your lawyer and then you can decide what to do. They will suggest you out of the box which will be more beneficial for you and your business. I know some timeshare lawyers in florida , they will help you out.
  • parure mariage

    Choisissez une date qui fonctionne pour vous et la personne de l'honneur. Décidez si vous rencontrez une fête surprise. 2 compiler toutes vos informations en un seul endroit, robe de marié original comme sur un morceau de robe de marié original papier ou de carton d'index. Pensez à ce sujet pour un couple de...
    Posted to shenjinbin (Weblog) by shenjinbin on 04-15-2014
  • robe ete fille

    1 robe de mariée originale aller sur votre carte ou des cartes de voeux ancienne. Trouvez espace que votre poste de travail. 2 Choisissez les cartes que vous aimez vraiment gardé. Mettez de côté et le déposer auprès ensemble. 3 éliminer ces cartes non désirées et de le mettre dans la corbeille...
    Posted to shenjinbin (Weblog) by shenjinbin on 04-11-2014
  • Re: I have tried the best Bnb Clone EVER!!

    From the moment i've stated using bnb clone scripts, i'd never look for anything else. BNB CLone have it have :) am happy to have you bnb :)
    Posted to Website Reviews (Forum) by jezzylarubes on 04-05-2014
  • 5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Argentina

    1. Visas First, the good news: no visa is required for US Citizens traveling to Argentina. Just a valid passport for trips of up to 90 days. Second, the bad news: US citizens have to pay a "Reciprocity Fee" of $160 before being allowed into the country - Argentina like other countries in South America introduced these fees in retaliation for...
  • Re: Where is HomeAway Taking the Vacation Rental Industry?

    There will always be competitors. Wherever money is to be made, competition will arrive. Thankfully!
  • Re: Most Popular Types of Scams Targeted to Vacation Home Owners

    I am an owner of a couple of vacation rental properties and, like many people out there, I have had my fair share of disappointments (from the usual dishonesty about the price the renter pays versus the commission charged by the agent to simple theft) with agents and renters including problems with payments like this. The agency that I use now ( Fivestarpatagonia...
    Posted to Vacation Rental Scams (Forum) by mikebariloche on 04-03-2014
  • I have tried the best Bnb Clone EVER!!

    Hi There, If you are looking for the best bnb clone script then you should try this one as I have tried it as well. :) Great communication and has done very great job on my vacation rental website. Thanks :)
    Posted to Website Reviews (Forum) by bnbclone on 04-03-2014

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